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Winter Holiday Update!

Ho ho ho, Tinkerers,

We’re moving to the end of the year! And that means while the Steam Winter Sale lasts, we’re adding our Holiday content back to the game: Grab yourself some Candy Cane and enjoy the festivities just like the
Goblins do! ☃️

Thanks to our particle system and updated shaders, we’ve made minor visual changes to the enemy’s eyes and the Sunwalker Boots, with more to come in the future.


  • Goblins are dressed for the Winter Holiday Season.
  • Added the ability to craft Christmas lights and Christmas trees.
  • Improved usability of controllers.
  • You can no longer walk or interact with things while in inventory or crafting menus using a gamepad.
  • There is now a written indication if you need to hold buttons for longer when doing actions in the inventory (e.g. trashing items)
  • Fixed the flickering of the action displays in the inventory
  • Fixed weird glitching when performing rebinds
  • Added localization for Chat, Inventory and Minigame controls
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the quest hud would overlap with the Hotbar on the top (now it knows its place!) and made the font bigger to improve readability
  • Fixed an issue where you could glitch yourself into the volcano dungeons
  • Slimes now move a little differently.

Our Team is now off to Winter Vacation to get some well-deserved rest.
But no worries, we’ll be right back at the start of the new year. ❄️

Known Issues:

  • There is an issue with the master of craft achievement, it requires some seasonal items to be fulfilled that are not craftable at the moment. We are sorry but this Achievement may not be doable for everybody at until we fix the issue early next year.

🎄Happy Holidays!🎄
Your Tinkertown Team!