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UI touch ups and hookshot tutorial!

Hey dear Tinkerers!

Tinker Tuesday is back, making our favorite game even more enjoyable! This week we have updated the area for the hookshot tutorial (in the Ice Dungeon), to make the use of the item a bit clearer. We’ve also continued doing small tweaks to the UI and other neat details!

The full list is conveniently placed below:

Early Access 0.17.1

  • Updated hookshot Tutorial Area in Ice Dungeon for a better introduction
  • Smaller changes and bug fixes for the UI rework
  • Updated Chinese font for better readability
  • Made placeable walls destructible with bare hands to prevent players from being locked in
  • Increased item pickup range slighty
  • Minor changes

This sets us up nicely for major things to come! We have both the database rework and the journal update in the pipeline and we’re working hard to get everything together.

Do you have something that you hope for in the coming updates?

A huge thank you for your continued support and love for Tinkertown!

Your Tinkertown team