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UI overhaul!

Dear Tinkerers,

Today, we have some exciting news to share: We’ve updated our UI to make the game even more accessible to all players! This big quality-of-life improvement also comes with several smaller fixes and squashed bugs, which you can find in the full patch notes down below.

We have been able to improve readability by shifting from our previous pixel-font style to a more readable version, that still matches our Tinkertown aesthetic, but ensures that the in-game text is a bit clearer. Additionally, we have adjusted the positions of several UI elements and included keyboard and mouse icons for all of our non-controller-wielding Tinkerers!

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback about the big and small changes for this patch. Here is a full list of the complete patch notes:

  • New UI theme
  • New fonts for improved readability
  • New icons in-game to support navigation
  • Improved positions of several UI elements for better user experience
  • Added icons for keyboard and mouse
  • Added display on the bottom of the screen showing usable buttons for active interfaces
  • Fixed issue in the settings menu, when moving through tabs, sometimes not displaying
  • Updated missing localizations for certain UI elements
  • Improved visibility for the shovel cursor
  • Added a new track in the Forest Biome at night
  • Fixed bugs and inconsistencies

Thanks for staying with us and keeping up to date on our progress, as we keep improving our game to be the best it can possibly be – for you!

Your Tinkertown Team!