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Tinkertown Update 1.0.5 Out Now

Greetings Tinkerers,

We are excited to announce that a new update has been released! We appreciate all the feedback we have received in the past few days, and our team is working diligently to fix any issues and make improvements to enhance your experience.

If you have any great ideas or suggestions, please feel free to join our Community Discord. This is a great opportunity for you to directly communicate with our team.

Fixes and changes:

  • Fixed a bug where Quests would be shown wrong/not shown at all in NPC’s dialogue windows + could not be completed/did not give rewards
  • Changed NPC state to no longer be dependent on housing state but on the state of their housing quest
  • Added recipes for quest rewards so that players that were not actively involved in questing are still able to obtain the reward-items
  • Added rooms with portals to the boss rooms of the God of Death and Heart of the Forest that teleports the player back out
  • Also added said portal to the Haven area players get teleported to after fighting the Shrine Maidens in the Ice Dungeon.
  • Re-worked the Forest Dungeon layout to be more streamlined + placed Juggernaut inside the prison area in front of the door that leads to the Castle
  • Fixed a bug in Forest Dungeon with weird and unexpected knockback behaviour when fighting Skeletons on the bridge before the castle
  • Fixed some issues with our font in certain languages
  • Minor fixes

Until next time
Your Tinkertown Team