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Tinkertown Developer Blog #2 – Travel

Greetings, fellow Tinkerers from your Development Team!

After the lovely responses to our first dev blog for the “Combat & Classes” update, we decided to continue with a new dev blog on upcoming features.

As you might have seen in our roadmap, our next update will be the Travel Update which some of you have longed for so much.

What new ways will we be able to travel/move around the map

The biggest innovation will be fast travel stations, which are placeable teleporters. When interacting with a portal, you will be able to select your destination on the world map, to which you will then be teleported.

But the far more fun innovation will be traveling in mountable mine carts. You will be able to build complex rail systems and travel on them.

How will the new travel system work

Using the fast travel stations is quite simple: upon interaction, the world map opens. Here you can then select another fast travel station or other special destination points, to which you will then be teleported.

The mine cars are a bit more complicated but even more fun. The player can build a complex rail system and place a mountable mine cart on it. Once placed, you can hop into it via interaction and then race with it over the rail system.

What was the inspiration behind these travel systems

Like many updates before, we took our inspiration from the wishes of our community. For quite some time, there was a desire for faster travel options. Especially when we turned the globe into an interactive map, the idea emerged that it would be cool to be able to use the map for fast travel. So, to keep conventional travel from becoming obsolete, we decided to add dedicated fast travel stations that would cost the player a lot of resources but give them the ability to teleport to other fast travel points.

Will we see any other kind of transportation be added

Once the system is fully implemented, there are a lot of possibilities for new mountables: Horses, dragons, sandworms, spaceships… who knows?

Thank you for all the support, and we hope to see you this time! ❤️
The Tinkertown team!