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The Tinkertown „NPC & Housing Update“ is live!

Come in, come in dear Tinkerer!

It is time to unveil the latest content we’ve cooked up: The NPC & Housing Update. Tinkertown is getting busier with the all-new NPCs, lovingly called “Townians”, populating the world and moving into your village! And they bring many new features with them:

5 friendly NPCs:

  • All of them can be found within the first Biome, either somewhere on the Overworld or within the Dungeon
  • Find them and they will give you a quest to have them join your village
  • you may need to build one!
  • Each NPC has a trinket they will share. This is their treasure and it will share info about what you need to build in order for them to move in

A Story and a red thread!

  • The first NPC you will find shall be your guide through this world and might share some insights about it too!
  • Follow the Quests and….

Ah yes, QUESTS

  • Every NPC has Quests for you to take on
  • And each Quest will reward you!


  • Once an NPC has moved in, they might be able to provide help in some way or another and soon in the future they can gather resources for you too!

A bunch of new Stuff:

  • Decoratives
  • Useful tools!
  • New recipes
  • New Enemies

IMPORTANT: To find all of the new Townians, create a new world! We recommend finishing their quest lines in this fresh world, but you can transport them over to old worlds after collecting their Soul Trinket.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new additions; and in case you’re wondering – Yes! More NPC:s are on their way to Tinkertown and will offer new opportunities to learn about the world, collect more amazing stuff, and give you new things you can do.

Tinkertown will also receive a 35% discount to celebrate the arrival of the new Townians. Now is the best time to dive into the world of Tinkertown and meet all the new characters!

Last but not least: your feedback is important! So feel free to leave a review on Steam, write to us in the Steam Community Hub or join our Tinkertown Discord community!

Have a nice Tinker-Thursday,
The Tinkertown Team