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The Road Ahead

Dear Tinkerers,

When we first started developing Tinkertown 3 years ago, we never expected it to turn into this huge and beautiful world full of adventures you can experience today. Throughout the years we were able to watch our team, Tinkertown’s features and most importantly you, our community, grow. We are more than thankful to be able to work on this project and are equally grateful for your continuous support and feedback. After all the hard work that has been put into the game, we are happy to share that we are getting close to the end of Early Access for Tinkertown.

But before we’ll be launching this huge project into 1.0, we still have some work and awesome features pending for the game to reach its full potential

Let’s be honest: Our game still has a few rough edges, including features we’ve implemented but needed to cut out again (yes, I’m looking at you gathering for NPC:s!) and some that have yet to find their way into the game (we’re not exclusively talking about the Lava Biome). However, this is going to change! As you might have seen in the last two months since our last bigger update, we’ve focused on smaller patches and will continue to do so on a regular basis, as well as keeping YOU informed about what’s happening behind the scenes. Don’t fret, even though we call them smaller updates, they contain much more than you think.

Here are some examples of planned updates, to give you an idea:

  • Database update: Paving the way for Cloud Saves and majorly improved performance. Plus, this feature serves as the groundwork to update various features.
  • Quest Rework: A new interface to keep track of every quest you’re doing and have been doing and its rewards
  • Updated UI: An easier-to-read UI, crafting stations, as well as a library to check for every recipe out there!
  • A new NPC feature: We will dedicate this topic more space at a later time, but it will keep you much more engaged in supporting and getting to know your new neighbors
  • New Map: An updated World Map, as well as a new tool to make it easier to navigate through 😉

Additionally, we are preparing various iterations of our current system (including, but not limited to):

  • Dying in dungeons will be more forgiving
  • Adjustments on Biome Flora for better exploration

Thanks again for being so supportive and for your help in building our beloved Tinkertown,
your Tinkertown Team!