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The Idea Behind Tinkertown

Greeting tinkerers,

Today we are taking a road trip back to the beginning of Tinkertown to look at how it all started; let’s dive into it!

The Idea Behind Tinkertown
The idea of Tinkertown came to life around 2019 when Headup’s CEO Dieter played a lot of Treasure Arena and was reminded of the classic 16-Bit Zelda and Terraria again, thinking: „What if Zelda and Terraria had a sandbox baby?“ Together with Niko, the Dev behind Treasure Arena and one of the Headup Developers, they started to build the concept of „Fourest,“ later known as Tinkertown.

The first week of development: Testing the infamous tilted camera with popup objects.

The team wanted a Terraria-style game but with 16-but Zelda-esque visuals. However, you can still see that Super Treasure Area heavily influences the art style of Tinkertown.

Along the way, the team and the game’s ambitions grew with new biomes, features, dungeons, and bosses. One of the first things that were added for the more casual players was farming and fishing.

Looking closely at all the new features, we can find inspiration from several of our favorite games. The NPC building coming for Terraria and Zelda influences the quest system to progress with the NPC.

But we also have some bosses that are influenced by our favorite games. Heart of the Forest is a tribute to the Secret of Mana. Anubis, the god of death mechanics, is inspired by Dark Souls, where you fight him in different stages and can learn the attack patterns to beat the boss.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing even more content with you!

Your Tinkertown team