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The Ice Dungeon is live!

Fellow Tinkerers,

The Ice Dungeon is live!

Choose your character, start a new world and make your way to the icy tundra. Check the globe once you’ve crafted it to easily find the spot, or grab some gear from the Desert Dungeon or prepare some chili meals and head out as the tundra is tougher than ever.

The Ice Dungeon is the first dungeon that will help you find your way through by leaving small notes close to important places for you to read by interacting. And we’ve added way more stuff to make this a really “cool” experience. Like slippery ice, levers and an awesome tool you can find to get access to lost sections!

As always you should be well prepared with only the most important and best weapons you prefer, a good bunch of potions and a lot of empty space for the loot you’ll find, provided you can beat the new enemies!

Tinkertown is closing in on its first year of Early Access and we’ve come a long way, adding a progression system, a dungeon for each biome, fishing, farming, mines and eEvents. And we’re only halfway through. We’ll be giving you an update soon on what’s next, so stay tuned!

As you may have seen the Autumn Sale has just begun and Tinkertown will also be part of it giving you 30% off!

Here’s a short list of added content


  • 6 new dishes
  • 20 new decorative items
  • A new drop from the God of Death
  • Small overhauls including the ice armor set
  • General resource overhaul

In the ice biome:

  • An environmental hazard makes it harder to explore unprepared
  • New resources can be found
  • New tools to gather the newfound resources
  • New food/crops

The Ice Dungeon:

  • A new resource to craft obtained recipes/diagrams
  • 1 new fish
  • 1 new workbench
  • 6 decorative items
  • 22 collectable diagrams
  • A new utility item
  • 1 rare drop
  • 9 craftable weapons
  • 15 gear pieces
  • A wave of new enemies and boss fights!

That’s it for now! Make sure to create a new world and enjoy the Ice Dungeon!

As always, your opinion is highly appreciated! Please send us all your feedback, feature request and bugs to the pinned Ice Dungeon thread in the Tinkertown Community Hub or reach out directly to us on our Tinkertown Discord server and get involved with the rest of our awesome community!

Much love,
your team at Headup 🙂