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The cleanup continues!

Dear Tinkerers,

It’s another Tinker Tuesday – wohooo! In keeping with our latest activities, the „Spring Cleaning“ patch and the building contest with the theme „Back to Nature“, it’s another update focused on tending to Mother Earth!

In this one the Forest has been tidied up, removing some bushes and trees to allow for easier exploration. Please keep away from the forest monsters though! They are as dangerous as usual…

Once you’ve progressed further into the game, you will obtain new Workbenches, giving access to new recipes. To follow the games logic, we’ve moved their recipes to the Players internal crafting menu.

We’ve also added two new tracks to the Desert and Ice Biome at Night, please bop along.

The changes in a neat li’l list:

Early Access 0.16.11

  • Added new night time tracks to the Ice and Desert Biome
  • Updated Forest Biome, making it easier to explore
  • Moved all Workbenches once unlocked to the Players Inventory-Crafting

Thank you for making this game and community so good!
/Your Tinkertown team