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The Big Database Rework!

Dear Tinkerers!

Today we want to share some juicy details about what we are currently tinkering on for our save game functionality! It will improve a whole lot of things for the future (and possibly create a small amount of temporary hassle).

Behind the scenes we are reworking the way save games for characters and worlds work. „Why?“ You might ask – It’s mainly for these reasons:

Cloud Saves – Formerly our save game consisted of more than 10.000 individual files. That stopped us from implementing cloud saves, something we now can introduce in future updates!

Performance – To have that many individual files is bad for performance, especially on slow hard drives.

Upgradeablility – The new save game is a SQLITE file. That makes it possible for us to introduce more complex changes in the future that would otherwise have threatened existing player saves.

Modability – Because SQLITE is a standardized portable format, it is very easy to modify save games! We want to stress that this is NOT mod support, but it takes us a lot closer to it (even if it’s not a primary goal for us) and very invested players can take steps to modify save games to match their vision!

Why do we talk about this?

There is a risk that some parts of your old save games may not be ported to the new way of saving. But don’t panic! Your characters and worlds will still be there. However, your questing progress will likely be lost, because we also made big changes to the quest system to make it more enjoyable in multiplayer.

We are currently doing our best to keep everything you achieved, but we wanted to be as transparent as possible and give you a heads up that some parts of your saves may be gone.

What changes have we made to the quest system?

The quest progress will now be bound to the world instead of individuals. Currently, every character and every player has their own quest progression. That forced us to make many of them repeatable and therefore perhaps less impactful. We also found it clunky that every player had to finish the quest for themselves.

We think that these changes will set the game up real nicely for future updates and we are eager to share even more soon.

Take care and thanks for being an awesome community!

Your Tinkertown team