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Summer-Town Update

Greetings Tinkerers!

Grab a cold drink, dust off your beach outfit, and don’t forget to bring that sunscreen! The new summer update is here and we want to celebrate this together with all of you. So let’s kick-off the event with a -30% sale on Tinkertown! Hurry up and grab your copy today; the sale only lasts for 48 hours!

Every summer, something mysterious happens around the coastlines of the Tinkertown continent: Tropical islands emerge from the seas, holding lost treasures from a different world and wonderful beaches to relax and enjoy the sunny season. Even other creatures dress up to join this special event, so be careful when you enter these islands! Some “guests” might be there already!

IMPORTANT: You have to start a new world to play the new content!

KEEP IN MIND: The event content will be accessible for a limited time only!

You keep all items you looted and crafted during the event forever, but once the event ends, you can’t craft its related items anymore, since their crafting recipes will be deactivated. The summer islands will also vanish beneath the waves again at this time.

But there won’t be time to mourn! The Forest Dungeon rework is baking inside the dev-oven already and will launch right after the event. So stay tuned, because more exciting content and news await you!


Share your thoughts on the new summer event and its features with us and the community! Your feedback is of extremely high value for us. It helps us improve our game and gives you the opportunity to actively partake in the decision making of new and upcoming content, including those little seasonal event updates!

So, as usual: should you encounter any bugs and issues, your feedback and reports help us to track them down and fix them. You can send us your feedback in the Tinkertown community hub or you can get in touch with us directly through our community Discord channel.

Summer-Town Event Patch Notes Version 0.7.4:

  • 2 new event islands, filled to the brim with loot
  • 17 special event items, including 2 new magic spells
  • 4 well-known mobs, dressed up in a new fashion for the event
  • A brand new beach volleyball mini game to play with your friends!
  • The Leather Mushroom; a plant-based alternative to craft leather
  • And a Magic Chest to grant easy access to your treasures anywhere on the map

We wish you an awesome weekend and lots of fun with the new content!

Cheers, and happy tinkering in Summer-Town! B)
Your team at Headup