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Spring cleaning in Tinkertown!

Dear Tinkerers,

Spring is coming and we’ve dusted off our magic chests while singing the new song of the Mines!
We even renovated some parts of the Ice Dungeon and turned over every stone, bush, reed and pile of dirt in every biome!

Here’s a list of what’s been changed with this patch:

  • Added a new area inside the Ice Dungeon, showing off the hookshot capabilities once obtained
  • Added new music track to the mines to improve its ambience
  • Added a note in the patch notes, in the case that something requires the player to create a new world in order to experience it
  • Added a Note to Player Worlds into the World Selection, to alert if they do not support the latest changes
  • Improved teleport transitions
  • Fixed the magic chest and its content being inaccessible and/or unresponsive
  • Improved tiles in biomes to work properly when placing and removing floor tiles, especially via shovel.
  • Adjusted various droprates

A lot of the small stuff has been finished already and almost all of us are focusing on bigger tasks.

This might mean we will need more time for the next content update and patches, but no worries, we’ll keep you up to date!

Much love,
your Tinkertown Dev Team!