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Patchnotes 0.8.1c

  • Quicksand now slows you and your enemies heavily
  • High grass now slightly slows you and your enemies
  • Fixed weird behavior when jumping on waterlilies
  • Fixed an issue where tiles would appear for a short time around the spawning area
  • Fixed an issue with the friendly fire setting
  • Fixed Magic Chest not being craftable (Ancient Workbench)
  • Fixed an issue where equipped items were displayed wrong in multiplayer
  • Attack of Ice Spectre now vanishes when he gets killed before the duration is over
  • Adjusted teleport of Ghost to match the one of Horus
  • Enemies will now hold correct items and switch weapons/buff items correctly
  • Fixed an issue where several doors could be opened with any item and have weird opening and closing
  • Fixed weird blockers when 2 vertical doors are placed over another behavior