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Patch 0.16.6.

Awesome Tinkerers,
in a bustling world like Tinkertown there’s bound to be some icky bugs.
And no, we’re not talking about Pixie Fairies, but ones in the code. 

We sprayed some with our digital bug spray:

  • Added NPC icon to new recipes to show at which NPC they can be crafted 
  • Fixed severalt issues related to dirt placement and terraforming
  • Fixed a bug where Magura gets stuck in minion boss fight in ice dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where dungeons never reset if a player disconnects while they are inside
  • Slowed down dungeon hints to be actually readable Minor fixes


We’re going back to our shed to get another can of that precious bug spray. Stay tuned – we will be back soon with more bug fixes for the game!

Your Tinkertown Team!