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Lunar New Year

Fellow Tinkerers,
The year of the Tiger is coming! And to commemorate the Lunar New Year, we’re throwing in some special items, alternative weapons and decorations.
This time you will find these Trinkets all over AND under Tinkertown: from Forest Mines all the way down to the Ice Dungeon; mobs and even bosses will have a chance to drop the New Year themed loot.
Make sure to look out for:

  • Costumes
  • Food
  • Alternate designed weapons
  • Flower headpieces
  • Decorations!

Since we’re celebrating the occasion, Tinkertown will be part of the Lunar New Year sale, giving you a whopping 30% off (you can even purchase the Super Pixel Bundle and save 15% on top)

Last but not least, the latest player-scaling update is joining the live branch together with the New Year event!

Next stop: controller support and key-rebindings!