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Ice Dungeon arrives on preview!

Our dear Tinkerers,

the Ice Dungeon is here!
It has been quite some time since the last big update and we’re really pleased to announce that you are now able to enter the frozen city that lies beneath the snowy tundra.
Packed with a range of new enemies, bosses and so much loot, the Ice Dungeon amps the content up to a new height!
In addition, we’ve updated the overworld and the progression system. This includes the adventure mode but also the sandbox version:
Make sure to visit the God of Death inside the Desert Dungeon again, to prepare for the updated ice biome which provides new ressources:
Instead of silver and gold you’re able to obtain crystal and orichalcum. At the same time it has gotten a bit colder. When entering the ice biome you’ll need clothing or buffs to keep you warm as the cold weather steadily chips off your health.

Inside the Ice Dungeon you will encounter deadly foes, consumed by something dark and an eastern inspired setting offering various decorations and of course new weapons and armor.
Levers and switches can be found to unlock paths and a new item will help you cross over water and abysses very easily.

To enter the dungeon and obtain the new resources you’ll need to create a new world.

And since this update is part of the Thunderful World showcase and feature, Tinkertown is 33% off for a short time!

Here’s a short list of added content

In the ice biome:

  • An environmental hazard makes it harder to explore unprepared
  • New resources can be found
  • New tools to gather the newfound resources
  • New food/crops


  • 6 new dishes
  • 20 new decorative items
  • A new drop from the God of Death
  • Small overhauls including the ice armor set
  • General resource overhaul

The Ice Dungeon:

  • A new resource to craft obtained recipes/diagrams
  • 1 new fish
  • 1 new workbench
  • 6 decorative items
  • 22 collectable diagrams
  • A new utility item
  • 1 rare drop
  • 9 craftable weapons
  • 15 gear pieces
  • A wave of new enemies and boss fights!

We hope you’ll enjoy the Ice Dungeon and the new content as much as we enjoyed making it! Leave us a review and join our Discord to stay up to date and meet with other Tinkertown players, talk to us devs, give feedback and participate in our polls to steer certain aspects of Tinkertown.

Last but not least, now that we’ve added the last of the three dungeons, it is time to look forward and explore new grounds. Our next big content update is going to broaden Tinkertowns horizon and change the island with the addition of next biome: The volcanic wastes!