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Halloween Is Back In Tinkertown – And It’s Spookier Than Ever! 🎃

Dear Tinkerers,

While waiting for the drop of the Among Us content later this week, we have quite a bit of stuff in store already! Halloween is back in Tinkertown and spookier than ever. We’ve added new costumes, decoration and even a new place to visit in the Forest. Just create a new world and hunt the costumes!

At the same time we continued to fix bugs and optimize the experience. Aside from revisiting growth stages, Mine Carts & combat, bosses can now be easily reached – once defeated – through new placeable items. 😊

Here’s what you can expect in detail:

  • 6 New costumes
  • Tombstone Decorations
  • 1 new Area in the Forest
  • 2 new Enemies


  • Fix issue with mountable Mine Cart
  • Fixed a bug causing Rune guardians to not spawn
  • Fixed a bug causing players to get stuck on ice when using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where taking off armor that grants Mana or Health would fully heal you
  • Reduced Growth times on crops and trees to 1 day per stage
  • Revisited Shield stats and added a shield-block Buff
  • Adjusted Charge Times, based on Weapon Categories
  • Removed Knockback from Daggers, except the Warden’s Dagger, which features strong knockback
  • Added pre-defined chunks for some of the Sunset-/Night-time only enemies
  • Buff apply adjustments
  • Added Boss Teleporter Statues
  • Fixed Ice Dungeon sliding passages
  • Slightly increased Mana Costs for staffs and utility items
  • Reworked Food items, concerning their affected stats, timings, and Buff Slot
  • Reduced enemy spawners within the Ice Mine

A spooky time to all of you,
your Tinkertown Team