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Forest Dungeon Rework Beta Update is live on our preview branch!

Greetings Tinkerers!

Do you remember the first boss from the forest dungeon? This three dimensional, clunky abomination?
Tell him goodbye because he is no more with the beta of the forest dungeon rework! ːsteamhappyː

We knew that we had to go back and update the forest dungeon after the great reception that we got for the desert dungeon. The old Setup looked pale in comparison to what the sandy and muddy Tomb had to offer. That’s why we took the time and effort to update every corner of the forest dungeon, spiced up the mob encounters, hid new treasures and added a completely new boss that will test your wits and dexterity in battle!

But that is not all.

What is the new beta update adding? A LOT!

  • Reworked the forest dungeon and added a new boss fight
  • 3 new and dangerous enemies
  • A new optional progression system that acts as a smoother entry to the game
  • You can now find the dungeon entrances with a globe!
  • New weapons (including reworked Boomerang), armor pieces and magic wands!
  • A new dish and magic potion
  • Added bonus movement speed on player crafted floors!
  • And a new super cute decoration tile (baby oakling)

And how do I get to play the new content goodness? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Right click on Tinkertown in your Steam library and choose “Properties”
  2. Klick on “Betas” and choose the “preview” option
  3. Download the update and you are ready to play!

You don’t even have to start a new adventure to be able to play all the new content in this update!

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated! Should you encounter any bugs and issues, your feedback and reports help us to track them down and fix them. You can send us your feedback in the Tinkertown Steam community hub or you can get in touch with us directly through our Discord channel (#feature-request and #bugs-and-issues).

Prepare yourself for a new challenge and enjoy the new update!

Your Tinkertown Team