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Fixes and Updates

Early Access 0.16.9

Time for Tinker Tuesday treasured Tinkerers!

In this patch you should make sure to visit Tina, The Farmers‘ old House again. In order to avoid the complete loss of Key Items through any means, we’re creating failsaves like these, making it easy to regain them. Goodbye Softlock!

The satisfying act of trashing gets a little deserved love and we also continue to chase away those pesky bugs.

(take a look at the fixed sound issue!ːsteamhappyː)

The full patch notes are as follows:

  • Relocated farmer tools to a mini dungeon in the basement of the farmer shack (new world required)
  • Added sound effect for trashing items
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Fixed failing bug reporting and reworked error messages in case the reporting fails
  • Minor fixes

Thank you for making Tinkertown one of the most cozy places on Steam! ❤️ Please tell us what you like and perhaps don’t like with the game, we are building this together.

You can expect more fun news on the game in a few days time. Until then, tinker away!

/Your Tinkertown team