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Here is some information and rules about the server and the website...


  • The main language on the server is English.
  • Do not destroy other players' properties and buildings or steal their belongings.
  • NEVER build outside the map in the void, this can destroy the entire map!
  • Treat each other in a civilized manner in the chat and in the forum.
  • Streaming and recording videos is expressly PERMITTED. This should be clear to EVERY player!


  • A backup of the server map is automatically saved every 6 hours (midnight, 6 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. CET).
  • If anything negative has been done with the map, it may be that such a backup will be imported.
    All buildings before the last backup before will then be lost
  • Es läuft ein Überwachungsscript auf dem Server der diesen automatisch neu starten sollte, falls er abstürzt.
    Due to the early access, this does not necessarily have to work all the time.
  • Please note that the game world can be reset at any time during Early Access due to important changes.
  • The game world is also be reset if it has been destroyed too much or if there are not enough resources left.
  • After each map reset, the map is offered for download on the website so that you can continue playing it locally if you want.
  • The resetting of the map will be announced well in advance in the Discord and in the news.