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Server GUI

We have programmed a graphical user interface for the Tinkertown server,
which should make it easier for you to start your own dedicated server.
The tool is still in beta and will be developed further the game development evolves.



The current version has now an auto updater that automatically notifies and downloads when a new version is released.

It offers the possibility to comfortably enter and save all necessary server settings.
It also offers a backup function to automatically save regular backups of the map.
A mini web server is also integrated, which provides the server status (online / offline) as a website.
If your public IP address changes (e.g. by reconnecting the Internet), the tool restarts the server automatically.

Remember that the ports set must be opened in the Windows firewall.

If you want to use the webserver and start it on your home PC, remember that the webserver port must be forwarded so it can be reached from outside your local network (normally port 80).