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(Written in first person perspective by Scarala, the server admin)

Earlytown is a dedicated game server for the Tinkertown game from HeadUp GmbH.
I came across Tinkertown on the day the Early Access was released.
I was lucky enough to get hold of a Steam key from a post by HeadUp.
Just a few days later, I started testing a dedicated server. Due to some problems that I had, I got in touch with some of the HeadUp staff and the idea of this server grew more and more and I got a lot of support from them.

Initially, Earlytown ran on a Linux server, but over time we noticed that the Linux build of the server software had some performance issues.
Earlytown is now running on an old PC with an Intel Core I5 6500. The website is hosted on an external web space.

At the moment there are still some problems that the game server is sometimes unavailable because it does not respond. Unfortunately it is not yet possible for it to restart itself.
So it can unfortunately happen that the game server is temporarily unavailable, although it is displayed as online. In this case, please send me an email to or via Discord in the official Earlytown Discord.

I will continue to work closely with the developers and hope that we can enjoy and advance the Earlytown project together.
The website will of course be regularly updated and further developed.

Unfortunately, the server does not yet support whitelisting. Therefore I ask you all: Follow the server rules!

So, enough of the words. Have fun on Earlytown!

Your Scarala