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Early Access Update 0.16.2 Fixes Recent NPC Quest Issues!

Dear Tinkerers,

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience the latest Tinkertown patch caused as it made some Quests unsolvable. It’s now fixed, and you should be able to do any quest without issues again. Thank you so much for helping us out and sending reports.

It helps a lot understanding the issue and where it comes from. As a small token of gratitude, we’ve made the Dragon Statues you all like so much craftable.

Here is the complete change log of the Update 0.16.2:

  • Fixed issue that quests can not be finished
  • Fixed issue with japanese font
  • Added the Dragon Statue as a craftable item to decorate your base
  • Added world map icon for Volcano Dungeon entrances
  • Fixed an issue where Tuna would not spawn in the ocean biome (new world needed)
  • Added /cleanup chat command that clears dropped items around the player

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support! ❤️
The Tinkertown Team