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Patch: Early Access 0.4.0

– Items can now be destroyed from within the inventory
– Inventory slots that are also Hotbar slots are now labelled with their respective hotkeys
– Vastly increased the maximum length of chat messages
– Fixed an issue that caused multi-line chat messages to overlap
– Added vertical scrolling to the chat window
– Chat and system messages can now be turned on and off individually at any time
– Chat now shows the correct name when another player joins the game
– Fixed an issue where regaining focus on the chat input field didn’t work after losing focus
– ‚Depth of Field‘ effect can now be switched off in the settings
– The position of your last death is now visible on the mini map
– Inventory and storage containers now have a sort function
– Added „craft max“ button to crafting menu
– Creating a character with an existing name now won’t override the old character
– Fixed an issue where the mini map would reset between play sessions
– Players can no longer fall into water
– Networking: Added UPnP support
– Various tweaks and bug fixes