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Developer update September

Hey dear Tinkerers!

Thank you so much for your support from this summer’s 1.0 launch up until now. We are humbled and thankful for having such an awesome community!

We have been working very hard with the game, based on the feedback you’ve given us since we left Early Access. One of the major things on the horizon is the database update, which will enhance the performance of the game.

The Lava Biome is of course also a big thing coming up, and we wanted to give you a little glimpse behind the curtain! Here’s us getting into a unfortunate situation with a Watcher, one of the new mobs introduced with the biome. Watch out for that (glorious looking) beam!

As you can see on the map below, the structure of the biomes changes up a bit when we introduce the Lava area. Instead of having two desert areas, there’s now one of each – forest, desert, ice and lava.

Do you have any hopes or wishes for what to see in the new area?

Talking of content updates, we also have Halloween around the corner. For that, expect some fun in-game stuff and also multiple community events on the Tinkertown DIscord.

Look forward to more upcoming dev updates in the near future, until then – take care!

Your Tinkertown team