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Dear Tinkerers, that’s what awaits you with Tinkertown 1.0!

Ahem…is this thing on? Yes? Great!

Dear Tinkerers, ladies and gentlemen, esteemed citizens of our wonderful town, thank you for gathering here today! As your mayor, I stand before you to address the progress we have made and the promising future that lies ahead.

Only a few days remain until we finally welcome you into our little town, into which we have been pouring so much love, work, and care over the years. Before we open the city gates – or what do the kids call it these days? – “launch our 1.0 version this week on July 22nd”, we would like to remind you of what our lovely Tinkertown has been all about ever since it was founded way back when and give you an outlook on what’s ahead.

Tinkertown is a heartfelt journey, that blends nostalgic charm with a sense of adventure, as well as our town spirit of excitement, discovery, and creativity. Of course, all of you know that the thing our town prides itself on the most and what truly makes it great is its Tinkerers – all of you!

Here is a small overview of the upcoming additions you can look forward to from June 22nd:

  • Journal: Accompanies players on their adventure, showcasing NPCs, achievements, and quests.
  • Quest Progress and Rewards: Shared between players on the server, ensuring everyone receives their deserved rewards.
  • Rapport Building/Love-o-meter: Players can enhance relationships with NPCs by completing quests and upgrading their houses with preferred decorations, leading to additional rewards.
  • Recipes and Resources: The Journal includes a collection of recipes and resources found during travels, providing hints for new discoveries.
  • Bestiary: Displays encountered monsters, their locations, timings, and lore details.

Now that you have the key to our town gates, let’s get excited for June 22nd together!
Your Mayor, Paul Tinkerton (and your team at Headup)