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Community Spotlight: Join our lovely Discord server!

Dear Tinkerers!

Today we are doing something new for Tinker Tuesday. Since we’re currently working on some big stuff behind the scenes we don’t have a new patch today. Instead, we want to highlight our brilliant Discord community!

The Tinkertown server truly is one of the nicest places you’ll find – if you’re not on it you should join the cozy community there! But don’t just take it from us! We asked one of our veteran moderators, Shane „Welf“ van Tuinen, what it is that makes the server special.

Discord moderator Shane van Tuinen has been an active Tinkertown player since the beta

What’s the best thing about the Tinkertown Discord?
„Honestly, the communication between developers, moderators and players.“

What do you think being part of the community on the Discord adds to the game?
„The Tinkertown Discord community as a whole is one of the friendliest I’ve seen and I feel that it adds a lot to the game. You can meet new people to play multi-player with, share your screenshots with others and get new ideas for your own worlds. There is even a channel for suggesting new ideas that the developers have been actively paying attention to.“

Do you have any cool ideas for what the Discord community could do in the future?
„I can see some more community events such as building contests, AMA with mods and staff, multi-player sessions with staff, and maybe a vote for a item or monster the community wants implemented next. A fan art contest would be fun too, I feel. This community has grown so much since I joined it, nearly at the very beginning of the Discord server going live, and it has never stopped being a great place to come make friends. The development team is one of the most open ones I’ve ever talked to and I look forward to continued growth and community developments in the future!“

You heard Shane – join one of the friendliest gaming Discords out there!

Next week we will be back with some in game updates, take care until then.

Your Tinkertown team