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Bugs and Fixes the 3rd

Dear Tinkerers,

What’s that sound? It’s the Tinker Tuesday Train coming to make your game better!

In this update we’ve fixed and added the following:

Early Access 0.16.8

  • Fixed a bug where indestructible tiles on predefined chunks could be replaced with dirt
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would disappear if the player stands close to a wall
  • Added interaction highlight for NPC:s.
  • Fast travel stations can now be placed on floor (already placed stations need to be build again before placing floor underneath)
  • Improvements on hook shot positions in ice Dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where some popups would be shown without any text.
  • Localization improvements in settings menu.

Our aim is to deliver you patches each Tuesday leading up to the 1.0 release later this year. In fact, we have some exciting news coming up this Thursday!

While we are hard at work with bug fixing, polishing and adding to the game: Are there any particular fixes or additions you would like to see?

Please let us know in the comments, on our social media or in our Discord:

Your passion for our game means the world for us! ❤️

Your Tinkertown Team