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Boss kill animations are here!

Hi dear Tinkerers!

After last weeks huge announcement that Tinkertown 1.0 releases on June 22nd, we wanted to continue showing you some of our progress behind the scenes!

A few months ago, the team was joined by our great artist Gustav, who has been tinkering away on a lot of cool tweaks to make the game even more beautiful. Here’s his take on boss kill animations for Heart of the Forest and God of Death. Cool, huh?

Other than giving our bosses a beating, we have also fixed some broken text for equipment stats. As usual, we compiled everything in a short but sweet list for you:

Early Access 0.17.4

  • Added new animations on defeating God of Death and Heart of the Forest
  • Fixed broken equipment stat texts
  • Reduced housing check animation to trigger only for relevant items
  • Fixed issues with tile placement

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to sharing as much as we can with you, coming up on our full release in just a few weeks!

Your Tinkertown team