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Achievements Now Available!

Greeting Adventurers!

Exploring the world just got even more exciting! With the new update, we added achievements for you to collect!

If you have already made progress in the game, you have to do the wanted tasks again to complete the achievements.

You can locate all the achievements in the Journal in the pause menu.

When you have collected everything, you don’t have to worry; we plan to add even more achievements!

We also fixed some minor issues with the forest dungeon with the patch.

Have a safe adventure!

Full list of changes:

  • Added achievements
  • Added achievements journal to pause menu
  • Added Steam achievements
  • Fixed an issue where Quests like freeing Tina and Kiran couldn’t be completed
  • Fixed an issue where Townians would not proceed in their quests after building them a house
  • Added a new highlighting color for when a building is detected but the townian is not yet satisfied
  • Fixed an issue where a gate in the forest dungeon was passable although it was closed
  • Added improvements on controller support