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0.9.2 Cosmetics Live in Preview!

Howdy Tinkerers,

holiday season is running wild and while looking at all the crazy costumes implemented during the events and the cool armors you can find in the dungeons, we felt it is about time you should wear them:
Whenever you feel like, without having to compromise on the loss of stats you could have when wearing a different but not so nice looking set.
Therefore we’re introducing the Cosmetics update:

Entering the beta branch, you can try out the new update, no need to start a new character or world.
Whatever outfit you’d like to wear, just check your armor section and click on the new “vanity” slot icon in the upper left corner. This will open up the same equipment slots. You can use these to wear clothes for their looks, as they will overwrite the equipment’s visual in its corresponding slot but does not change the stats.

And since we know how much you love to decorate your environment, we thought it would be nice to show off your collected armors by putting them on an armor rack.

We’ll be back with some more news next week!

Have a nice Tinker-Tuesday,
The Tinkertown Team!