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0.9.2. Cosmetics Live for everyone :)

Dear Tinkerer,

It’s been a bit more than a year now since Tinkertown has launched into early access and we’re really proud of all the accomplishments. And of course we are also really happy about having you, our community, for providing us awesome Feedback, wholesome and sometimes weird bug reports :D, but also crazy and cool ideas.

To celebrate this we are part of the Winter Sale and grant 30% off, starting at 9:55 AM Pacific time!

Within this one year of early access we’ve implemented a lot of new content and features: From more customizations, to fishing and farming. 3 complete and unique Dungeons, filled with special enemies, a lot of loot and a big Boss challenge. Quality of life features have been added like stats, world maps, and map markers, mines for never ending resources, almost unlimited slots to create worlds and characters, and the brand new cosmetic equipment slots, to customize your appearance, without losing your equipment stats.

Looking at the features we’ve already added, as well as your feedback, we’ve decided to adjust our Roadmap accordingly. But no worries! Most checkpoints on the roadmap will stay the way they are, like the Lava Biome or NPCs. Some will change, like the Classes & Combat update which will merge into one big Update, as both rely on each other more and more :).

There are two features we’d like to tell you about ahead of time:
Controller Support & Key Rebinding, as well as NPCs and Housing!
Let’s start with the soon to be released Controller Support you’ve been asking for quite some time :).
Come January, we should be good to go to drop this feature, allowing everyone to fully enjoy Tinkertown with a Controller or choose from a large variety of Input Devices and rebind keys and buttons to their heart’s content.

Following up is the NPC Update, which will give more life to the whole world of Tinkertown. You will meet strange characters, get new objectives to pursue and new stuff to do. In time, we’re going to reveal more about this feature and its impact on Tinkertown 🙂

Before leaving this year behind, we’d like to take the opportunity and ask everyone of you to do us a small favour and fill out this short feedback form we’ve created right ->HERE Whether you have played Tinkertown a lot, just a few minutes or not at all. We want to know, because we want to make this game the best there can be and we feel like your contributions will help us strive even further!

Happy holidays and a happy new year dear Tinkerer,
from the whole Headup Dev and Publishing Team!