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0.8.4 Halloween and Stats

Trick or Treat, fellow Tinkerers!
Halloween is just a few days away and we want you to look as spooky and scary and cool as possible for this occasion. Therefore you can gather 9 different Costumes to wear and share!

You can find them through all biomes and Dungeons. Most Monsters will have the chance to drop one of those Sets, Head and/or Suit. So let the hunt begin! Weeeell, one Set is a bit different to acquire than through enemies.

In addition, the new UI will also go live with this patch, making it possible to see the stats of each item you craft, read their description and even compare weapons and equipment with each other!

And last but not least: It’s Halloween Sale which means for the duration of the Sale, you can get Tinkertown 30% off!

Of course there’s much more happening in Tinkertown. Right around the corner our Ice Dungeon is almost finished and we can’t wait for you to see the new Dungeon, it’s enemies, mechanics and the loot you can get out of it! In addition the progression System will continue to be updated! Stay tuned and keep on tinkering!