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0.8.3b Preview Item Stats UI

Greetings Tinkerers 🙂

Quality of life just improved, we added stats displays for weapons and armor!
You can now see the boni an armor item would grant you without the need of equipping or crafting it. It even compares to the corresponding armor-part that you have currently equipped.
Updates and improvements are coming fast these days 😉

You do not need a new world for these features.


  • Added item stats display when selecting an item that you want to craft
  • Added item stats display when selecting an item in your inventory
  • Improved audiovisual feedback when your health is low

As always:
If you encounter any issues, use the ingame bug reporter, join our discord server and/or post in the Steam Forum.
Every Steam review helps us a lot, so if you enjoyed the game (or you did not) feel free to drop one!

Big thanks to all preview players and bug reporters 🙂
Your Tinkertown Team