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0.10.1 Controller & Keybinding goes Live

Dear Tinkerers,
the Controler & Key-Rebinding update is live!

There are no big changes between the Beta Build and the Live Patch, so this is what the patch will include:

  1. Controller Support
    • You can play with every modern controller that uses a similar layout and button/key/trigger number to that of an Xbox 360 controller
  2. Virtual Keyboard support
    • No need to switch to your Keyboard when entering a character name, or choosing one for your world
    • For those of you who tried the beta branch: Chat is back and enabled for use with the virtual Keyboard too!
  3. Rebinding
    • Whether you are using an AZERTY Keyboard, or any other device that supports buttons, you now have the option to rebind the keys!
  4. UI-Rework
    • Due to the new changes, we also overhauled the user interface. We will carry out extensive tests of the new UI during this Beta Phase and will steadily improve and optimise to make handling the game as comfortable as possible

Next stop: NPCs! We’re really really excited for this one as it will gradually fill the world with more things to do and to find :).

All the best,
your Tinkertown Team!