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0.10.0 Controller Support Live in Preview!

Lovely Tinkerers,
The moment you’ve been waiting for…

It’s time to introduce the highly requested Controller & Key-Rebinding Update to the Beta Branch!

We are still working on Tinkertown, it has been quite a ride to get to this current build. Nevertheless, this is what the Beta Branch will include:

  • Controller Support
  • You can play with every modern controller that uses a similar layout and button/key/trigger number to that of an Xbox 360 controller
  • Virtual Keyboard support
  • No need to switch to your Keyboard when entering a character name, or choosing one for your world
  • Be aware: the Virtual Keyboard is not set up for use in chat yet however, will be implemented soon
  • Rebinding
  • Whether you are using an AZERTY Keyboard, or any other device that supports buttons, you now have the option to rebind the keys!
  • UI-Rework
  • Due to the new changes, we also overhauled the user interface. We will carry out extensive tests of the new UI during this Beta Phase and will steadily improve and optimise to make handling the game as comfortable as possible

Due to the current setup, we had to deactivate the chat for the first beta build but will patch it back in within the next updates before we go live.

To get to the Preview Branch:

  1. Go to your Steam Library in the App and Right-Click on Tinkertown
  2. In the Drop-down select “Properties”
  3. Within the Pop-Up go to the Section “BETAS”
  4. Choose “Preview” as the beta you would like to opt in
  5. If you would like to go back to the Live Version, please select “none” again
  6. Wait for the update to finish and start the game as usual

This update is a very important step for us and we would really love for you to keep sending us feedback so we can achieve the best experience for Tinkertown!

Feel free to use either the Tinkertown in-game Bug Report feature, Discord and the Steam Forum 🙂

Even though the Controller Update took longer than we anticipated, our release-schedule for the next update is still on time. Expect more when our Preview Branch goes live!

Last but not least, we would like you to take a look at our new Roadmap:

Much love,
your Tinkertown Team!