Men├╝ Schlie├čen

­čŹéBuilding contest: Cozy Fall!­čŹé


Thanks for taking part in our storytelling event on Discord, it was a blast to see your different styles.

Let’s continue to be creative, with another building contest! Autumn is around the corner, so cuddle up in the couch with a hot coco and try to create the coziest building.

The maximum tiles you can use for this contest is 16×16 (including exterior), post a sreenshot of your cozy home in the Tinkertown Discord before the deadline, on Monday September 25th.

Winners are voted on by the dev team and the prizes are:

  • 1st: Two Tinkertown Steam codes, plus two games of your choice from the Headup library
  • 2nd: One Tinkertown Steam code, plus one game of your choice from the Headup library
  • 3rd: A Tinkertown Steam code.

Happy tinkering!

Your Tinkertown team