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🌲 The Forest Dungeon Rework Update is live + 30% Discount! 🌳

Greetings Tinkerers!

The new Forest Dungeon is here and we’re celebrating the occasion with a 30% discount!

We had a blast opening the Desert Dungeon a while ago and promised to give each Biome the same love, which means each of them each need to get a great Dungeon. With that in mind, it was just fair to get back to the Forest and rework what’s hidden underneath this enormous Skull-Entrance.

At the same time, the refreshed Forest Dungeon Update will lead Tinkertown into a new experience if players wish to do so: Progression!

Let’s have a quick look at all the goods that Patch 0.8.1 will introduce:

  • An overhauled Dungeon and a new Boss to challenge! (We will miss you Golem!)
  • 3 new and dangerous enemy types
  • A new optional Progression System to guide fresh and seasoned players alike through the world of Tinkertown
  • A World Map with Location Icons of each Dungeon accessible by using the craftable Globe. (You still have to get there yourself, though!)
  • New Weapons (including a reworked Boomerang), Armor Pieces and Magic Wands!
  • Additional bonus movement speed on player crafted Floors!
  • A new dish and a super cute decoration to brighten up your room: Baby Oakling

Attention! To enjoy everything but the Progression System, you do not need to start a new world! Instead can just continue with any of your characters and worlds at hand! 🙂

Now… What is this “progression”?
Since Tinkertown’s first launch, we sensed at some point it would be awesome to introduce a mode besides the Open world one, raising the challenge for exploration, while simultaneously introducing a common thread that loosely guides the player through the biomes.

It’s called “Adventure Mode” paves the way to a deeper lore of Tinkertown, yet to be discovered!

And what’s next?
Of course we are aware that there are three biomes but just TWO Dungeons! And the Progression System is not fully implemented into the other biomes yet, therefore watch out for our next big update:

The ICE Dungeon!

And now without further ado, enjoy the new Update and happy dungeoneering!

As always, your opinion is highly appreciated! Please send us all your feedback, feature request and bugs to the pinned Forest Dungeon Rework thread in the Tinkertown Community Hub or reach out directly to us on our Tinkertown Discord server and get involved with the rest of our awesome community!

Your Tinkertown Team!