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🌋“Volcano Dungeons“ update now available on the Tinkertown Preview Branch! 🔥

Dear Tinkerers,

it’s getting warmer! Just before the Lava Biome, some new Locations emerged all over Tinkertown to celebrate our upcoming second birthday!

Yes, Tinkertown will be 2 years in Early Access as of December the 3rd!

And with this, the Volcano Dungeons will join the preview branch: In our newest update we’re introducing three new small Dungeons, stuffed with new enemies, puzzles, traps and loot. Each Biome will have their own variant of map, style, enemies and boss and grants you a unique item that you will need in the upcoming Lava Biome’s Dungeon.

Since the Volcano Dungeons are the most dangerous places yet, there’s a special tool to enter them. In case you’ve played through the Ice Dungeon you’re already in possession!

  • 3 fiery Mini Dungeons with new encounters and traps, 1 per Biome
  • 7 new enemies, including 3 bosses that guard 3 mysterious relics
  • 4 new weapons
  • 3 new and awesome sets of equipment
  • 5 new crafting materials
  • A new chest to store your goods
  • 3 new tracks and new sound effects, for an epic dungeoneering experience
  • Improvements for jumping mechanics
  • Multiple small bugfixes

If you want to test new features and content early, get to the Preview Branch:

  1. Go to your Steam Library in the App and Right-Click on Tinkertown
  2. In the Drop-down select “Properties”
  3. Within the Pop-Up go to the Section “BETAS”
  4. Choose “Preview” as the beta you would like to opt in
  5. If you would like to go back to the Live Version, please select “none” again
  6. Wait for the update to finish and start the game as usual

We hope you’ll enjoy the new content and can’t wait for your feedback 🙂 The Update will move to the live branch this Saturday!

Thank you for your ongoing support! ❤️
Phil & the Tinkertown Team!