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⚔️ The Tinkertown „Combat and Classes“ Update is Out Now! ⚔️

Greetings fellow Tinkerers,

Bring out your weapons and put on some gear! It’s time for a new adventure with the Combat and Classes update! The update brings unique playstyles, charge abilities, new monster attack patterns, and much more!

Works only on Weapons (Swords, Daggers, Spears, Axes…)

Knockback function (player or monsters will be knocked back on hit)
The anticipation frame is reduced (Monsters attacks will happen sooner!)
Buddy-list (Enemies close to the ones a player attacked will react and might attack the player as well)

By jumping and in midair pressing the jump button a second time, you “dash” quickly in the direction you jumped at, being able to cross more space until landing. During the jump and dash, you’ll stay invulnerable to a lot of attacks.

Monster Behaviour:
New monster’s attack patterns for Goblins and Slimes; Introducing the „buddy system“ that will cause certain monsters to attack in a group.

Monster resistances and immunities (Certain Monsters might not be affected by some Conditions/Debuffs, or the effect is reduced)

Player-Scaling (Enemies scale less in proportion to the number of players)

Stats and Balancing:
Added Dexterity and Magic (stats are added to the player base from Armors)
Weapon-Scaling (determined by specific Stats, a Weapon deals more or less damage, depending on the amount of points a player has in them)

Formula rework (how damage is applied, how armor is applied [+1 armor equals 0.5 damage reduction]

Some dishes and food Items change their targeted attributes to accommodate for the added stats

Gear will use all Attributes, including the new Magic and Dexterity, to determine a player’s stats. Armor sets usually aim to prioritize certain stats to cater to a specific Weapon Category and a playstyle. Armor-parts can still be worn as a player wants to, giving the stats they provide without any bonus or penalty on their own.

New Weapon and Armor Sets:

  • 2 New Mage Sets
  • 2 New Ranger Sets
  • 4 New Weapons (Desert Mage’s Staff, Frost Mage’s Staff, Oak Dagger, Ice Bow)

New Enemy:
Rune Spirit

4 New NPCs + 20 New Quests:
Armorer, Blacksmith, Bowyer, and Wizard

Known Issues:
We have located some issues with the German, French, and Chinese localization. We are working hard on fixing these issues as soon as possible.

We always want your feedback, so head over to our Discord and let us know what you think about the new update and what you would like to add!

Thank you for your ongoing support! ❤️
The Tinkertown Team