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⚒️ Off to the Tinkertown Underground: The Mines Update is live! ⛏️

Greetings Tinkerers!

Dust-off your pickaxes and don’t forget your helmet – the Mines Update has arrived! Three new mini dungeons are waiting, ready to supply all you builders and craftsmen out there with lots of stone and ores.

The limited amount of stone and ores that the overworld provides has always been a highly discussed topic in our community and we are happy to announce that the threat of running low on these resources won’t be a thing anymore!

Mines, like the main dungeons, are landmarks you can enter through an entrance on the overworld and each biome currently features one unique mine, waiting for you to be looted! Just go wild and gather as much as you can, because all those precious ores and stones in a mine will, just like resources in the larger dungeons, magically replenish, once every player has left the mine.

But heed our words: The mines are not as abandoned as they look from the outside. Multiple enemies will try to prevent you from collecting the treasures of the deep, so make sure to bring your best equipment. Defeating the foes you meet in the mines will reward you with even more stuff, perhaps even one of the amazing new rare drops!

And last but not least, we got some awesome news for all globetrotters out there! The update also brings four new banners you can place at your personal points of interest on the map. These marks will be displayed while using the globe map too, so you never lose track of all the amazing locations you discovered in your worlds!

Mines Update Patch Notes Version 0.8.3:

  • 3 new mine mini dungeons that provide a constant supply of stone and ore; 1 per biome
  • 3 rare tool drops from enemies inside the mines
  • 4 placeable banners to set markers on the map; those markers are also displayed by the globe
  • World slot limit of 4 removed
  • Improved performance
  • Smarter enemies
  • Several bug fixes

Please make sure to create a NEW World, for the mines and all the other new features to spawn and work as intended!

We hope you enjoy your time in Tinkertown and love to hear your Feedback! Feel free to stop by our Discord or leave a message in our Steam Community!

Cheers and take care everyone!
Your Tinkertown Team!