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☀️ The Tinkertown Summer Event Content is back! 🏐

Happy Friday Tinkerers!

The Steam Summer Sale started and Tinkertown is 35% off! So get it yourself, tell your friends and tinker together. ːsteamhappyː

A lot of our attention is focused towards fixing bugs and polishing the current experience. Nevertheless, we still want to celebrate the Summer and so our Summer Event Content is back for a limited time!

This is what you get:

  • Return of the Tinkertown Summer Classics
  • 2 Summer Island variants, scattered around the oceans and the coastlines (you might need to build a bridge to reach those)
  • 4 Enemies, dressed up in summer attire
  • A decorative placeable Beach Towel
  • 5 Cosmetic Items to get your character dressed for summer
  • 4 Event Weapons
  • 7 Items around our Volleyball mini game

And of course, while fixing is really important, we won’t forget the Roadmap and are aiming for a release of the new Classes and Combat Update next month. There will be a few changes to Monsters, combat, weapons and equipment, as well as the systems behind them. But more on that once we’re getting to the Beta.

As always, your feedback is very important to us! Feel free to leave a review on Steam, write to us in the Steam Community Hub or join our Tinkertown Discord Community!

In the meantime, enjoy your Summer and play some Volleyball on the Summer Islands!

Your Tinkertown Team!